Hi, this is Siteng. Welcome to my audiovisual utopia.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, singer-songwriter, and sound designer who conjures disruptive multimedia realms that engulf and disorient. With an MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths, University of London, I create confrontational audiovisual works exploring psychology, violence, and patriarchal domination through music, photography, and experimental films. 

My art pop music constructs a provocative sonic universe that defies the irrational world, mingling intimacy with aggression. I fuse influences from electronic, experimental, avant-garde, and hyperpop to my Chinese roots. With dark melodies, fierce beats, and emotional vocals, my music inspires a psychological odyssey, excavating divine beauty from depressing reality.

I started self-producing music at home, independently releasing early singles in 2020. While studying at Goldsmiths, I composed immersive soundscapes for performances and self-released songs including “Catalyst” and “Broken (Home Is My Prison).” Recently awarded the NextGen Fund grant from Youth Music, I will release my debut EP Violent Divinity in 2024. My unconventional creative process fuses sound, visuals, and technology to excavate emotions and activate the senses.

Pushing boundaries electrifies me. I draw inspiration from dystopian science fiction, in-yer-face theatre, glitch art, and the anarchy of nature. My work aims to shatter paradigms and transport viewers to uncanny new worlds.

Violent Divinity (EP) (2024)
Crystal Heart (Single) (2023)
Water and Water (Single) (2024)
Healing Chroma (Single) (2024)
Undercurrents (Soundtrack) (2022)
Catalyst (Single) (2023)
Broken (Home Is My Prison) (Single) (2022)